Transparent Touch Screen

KTA-PRO-PIS Touch Touch Panel Touch Screen Smart Panel Monitor Rich Source SmartTV Interactive board PERSONA

Key Features

► Capacitive Touch, Support 20 Touch Points

► Built-in Android 8.0, 3G RAM + 16G ROM

► Built-in Speaker 10W*2

► OS Compatibility (Android, Windows)

► Support Multiple Languages

Available sizes: 55"

Transparent Touch Screen

High Transparency, Authentic Colors, and Unparalleled Touch Experience.

🚩Create an interactive environment exclusively tailored for your customers!

🚩Whether it's in Shopping Malls, Boutique, Art Gallerys, Hotels, Airports, or Hospitals, become the most dazzing one!

KTA KTA PLUS Touch Screen Touch Panel Smart Board IFP Android RichSource PERSONA

Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice


>Every signal port has a corresponding Touch USB. For instance, if your signal connected to HDMI 1, your touch USB should also connect to Touch USB 1. When the touch screen detects a connecting device, it will auto-switch to the signal along with touch function.

The touch screen has a built-in App called Apkpure. You can download Apps directly in here. However, owing to the compatible issue, not all of the Apps you can download here.